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5 Must Sees in St.Kitts

One does not hear much about this tiny island, all 68 sq.mi. of it, in the Caribbean –  which is both good and bad. Good because it is not as touristy as some islands have become, and bad because most people miss out on its history,scenery and charm. I happily recall the sight of hens running about freely in Independence Square in Basseterre,  the quiet of the countryside, and the parade of blue uniformed and smiling children on their way to school.

Make this island one of your stops on your next Caribbean cruise or fly into the Robert L.Bradshaw International Airport on one of the many flights from United States and Canada ( direct weekly from some southern U.S. cities and Toronto in peak season). Besides the weather ( no rainy season and averaging 80 degrees year round), here are five big reasons to visit:

  1. Romney Manor. Just another Caribbean plantation? No. This estate was owned by Sam Jefferson II, triple great grandfather of  Thomas. Explore the lush gardens and have your photo taken under the 350 year old  Saman tree – a popular spot for weddings. The trunk is 24 feet in diameter and the spread is spectacular. The famous Caribe batik is manufactured on site. You can watch the artisans, and purchase garments in the shop – that is, if you can choose a favourite!
  2. If you are not scared of heights, Brimstone Hill Fortress looks out over the sea just as it kept watch hundreds of years ago. This is a photographer’s dream with the grey of the fortress stone, the black of the cannons, the blue of the waters below and the green stretch of vegetation between. The Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  3. St. Kitts Scenic Railway is a fun way to see all the different faces of the island. A narrow guage railway that was originally used to bring the cane into the sugar refinery near Basseterre, it now circles over half the island with the remainder of the journey by bus. It is a couple of hours well spent as the train passes sugar fields, lush growth, small towns, the seaside and ever changing countryside.
  4. Over one quarter of St.Kitts is an American Oceanic Rainforest, one of the world’s rarest ecosystems. the country has wisely created a National Forest Reserve for all land at altitudes in excess of 1000 feet to preserve the natural habitat. Visit Mt. Liamuiga, a volcanic cone that is the highest point on the island, for a first hand look.
  5. The Royal Beach Casino at the St.Kitts Marriott Resort is beyond huge at 35000 square feet, and is the largest casino in the Caribbean.

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BY DEB MACINTYRE  She is the owner/operator of  Cruise Holidays of PEI, and more commonly known by the moniker “ChaCha”. Deb is a certified St.Kitts Destination Specialist,  has visited St. Kitts and will do so again – soon she hopes!


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